Milwaukee Heated Hoodie Review: Stay Cozy and Comfortable!

- The Milwaukee heated hoodie has a zippered pocket on the left rear with a cable connection inside. - The hoodie has a patriotic red, white, or blue glow on the left chest area when powered on. - The hoodie is designed for durability with a cotton/polyester exterior, reinforced edges on pockets and waffle weave thermal lining. - It is washer and dryer safe. Features of the hoodie include a quick-heat function, one-touch LED controller with 3 heat settings per heat zone, up to 6 hours of run-time with M12 REDLITHIUM 1.5 Compact Battery Pack, heating zones on the chest and back, a fitted hood for full range of vision with a hard hat, durable utility pockets, wind resistance, and reinforced pockets/lining. - The hoodie has carbon fiber heating elements that are thin and not noticeable when worn. - The hoodie is soft and comfortable like a regular hooded sweatshirt. - The new Milwaukee heated hoodie is powered by an M12 battery, which can be stored in a pocket at the back of the hoodie. - The hoodie comes with a 1.5 Ah battery that lasts up to six hours on the Low setting. - The hoodie can also be powered by an M18 battery with the help of an adapter, which also has a USB port for charging devices. - The heat settings on the hoodie can be controlled by a power switch disguised as the M12 logo. - The hoodie heats up quickly and has three heat settings: High, Medium, and Low. - The hoodie has a sleek design and is available in various sizes. - Milwaukee heated hoodie is available in sizes ranging from Small through XXXL. - The hood provides better visibility for the wearer. - There are elastic ribbing at the wrists and waist to keep wintry drafts out. - There are pockets on both sides, with the one on the right having an elasticized inner sleeve. - The author previously owned a Milwaukee heated hoodie for three years and it held up well. - Milwaukee offers a full line of heated gear. - The new Milwaukee heated hoodie is comfortable, rugged, and provides warmth even without being turned on. - It has three levels of heat to choose from. - The target market includes workers in the building trades, people doing yard work, attending sporting events, and cleaning snow and ice off windshields. - The hoodie has a one-year warranty, and the battery has a two-year warranty. - The hoodie is returnable for 90 days. - The Milwaukee heated hoodie has a "waffle weave" thermal lining and carbon fiber heating elements for the back and chest. - The heat is controlled by a switch that displays three different colors for different heat settings. - The hoodie is machine washable and the latest version has a "quick heat" function that heats up 3 times faster than previous gear. - The hoodie comes in red, black, and gray in various sizes. - The kit saves buyers fifty bucks. - The article also mentions that the hoodie is returnable for 90 days. - The author mentions that the battery seems to be in the wrong orientation and that newer models have a pocket that is easier to access. - The author also mentions that they have been trying to objectively test the heating time of both generations of hoodie, but haven't been able to get conclusive results yet. - The author concludes by saying they really like the hoodie and recommend it.