Heated Knife: A Revolutionary Culinary Tool for Precision

List of pertinent items related to the Keyword "heated knife": 1. hot knife with a 5-1/2 inch blade 2. heats up to 975° F 3. designed for fast, clean cuts in foam and plastic materials 4. includes a depth adjusting sled for repeat or long cuts at a precise depth 5. can cut various materials such as foam, EIFS, ICF, nylon rope, webbing, synthetic fabric, and plastic 6. push-button activation and auto-off feature for safety 7. dual-use cutting blade for line and groove cutting, and a flat edge for shaping candles, foam, and other craft materials 8. versatile and can be used for various purposes 9. electricity-powered cutting tool 10. suitable for preventing fraying and providing a clean and sealed edge 11. used in construction sites for processing insulation materials 12. Hilltop Products offers a wide range of hot knife cutters, blades, and accessories for different tasks 13. options include heavy-duty bench-mounted hot knife cutters, midweight bench-mounted hot knife cutters, handheld hot knives, and large hand-held hot wire bow cutters 14. Hilltop Product offers an automatic label tape cutting machine called the CUTTER, which uses a hot knife to cut neat strip labels quickly and easily ensuring a clean cut and uniformity in every label.