How to Reset Heated Seats and Maximize Comfort

List of relevant information about how to reset heated seats: 1. The article discusses how to reset heated seats in a Tesla vehicle. 2. The seat control module is turning off the heated seats in a 2013 ATS 2.0 car. 3. The author watched a YouTube video suggesting disconnecting the whole seat to reset the seat control module. 4. The connector found under the driver's seat only disconnected the memory/power seats, not the heated seats. 5. The author is looking for a way to disconnect the seat control module for 5 minutes to reset it, possibly by pulling a fuse.

How to Wash a Heated Jacket: The Ultimate Guide

How to wash a heated jacket: 1) Disconnect and remove the battery. 2) Put the connector cable back and close the zipper pocket. 3) Place the jacket inside a mesh laundry bag. 4) Machine-wash on a cold and gentle cycle. Do not bleach. 5) Air dry, do not wring or twist. 6) Recharge and attach the battery back to the jacket before using. Important facts: - Heated apparel should not be put in a drying machine and needs to be line-dried or laid flat on a towel. - It is advised not to iron the heated jacket to prevent wrinkles. - Once the jacket is washed and dried, it is ready for use. - For storage, the heated jacket should be kept in a well-ventilated place that is not humid to avoid mold. - The battery of the jacket should be stored at a temperature of 77°F ± 2°F and away from moisture with recommended relative humidity levels of 60 ± 15% RH. - Washing the jacket is not necessary after every use, but should be done when needed. - The article suggests reading the product's user manual for more information on caring for the heated gear. - Questions can be directed to [email protected].