Heated Bench: Revolutionizing Outdoor Comfort with CuttingEdge Technology

List of Pertinent Information for the Keyword 'heated bench': - Dragon Seats produces heated player benches for NFL and NCAA games in cold-weather regions - The benches can be heated from within by electricity, natural gas, or propane - The benches can be adjusted up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit - They have a heated footpad for warming players' feet - They have posts on the backrest to keep helmets warm and the bladders inside soft and pliable - Dragon Seats expanded its focus during the pandemic and targeted ski resorts and L.L. Bean's flagship store in Freeport, Maine - Dragon Seats also produces air-conditioned benches - Dragon Seats may consider targeting hot and moneyed cities like Las Vegas and Dubai - Roughly 20 NFL franchises use Dragon Seat technology - The technology was developed in the 1980s and has become a staple in the NFL - The history and evolution of heated benches in the NFL is discussed - The Cleveland Browns were the first team to use heated benches, sparking interest from other teams - The technology evolved to include more comfortable benches and additional features like sliding heated foot decks and "Hot Hat" helmet stations - Different temperature settings are available for linemen and skill position players - Dragon Seats' benches have wide temperature variability - The NFL showed interest in air-conditioned benches for Miami's stadium - Dragon Seats gained publicity when Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, ordered branded heated benches - Dragon Seats' air-conditioned benches were leased by the New England Patriots for a game against the Miami Dolphins - Dragon Seats' benches were tested at Duke University's Sports Science Institute and showed a decrease in core temperatures among players - Dragon Seats continues to innovate for player health and safety - Dragon Seats achieved a technological breakthrough in cooling players during a Dolphins game in Miami - Dragon Seats provided benches for various NFL teams in different locations with heated benches - Five teams have leased Dragon Seats' latest hybrid equipment for every home game: Buffalo, Carolina, Cleveland, Tennessee, and Philadelphia.

Heated Waterbeds: A Restful and Therapeutic Sleep Solution

- Waterbed heaters provide comfortable warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. - Carbon HeaterĀ® waterbed heaters have small power consumption and are safe. - The heater is placed on the deck under the security foil of the waterbed, ensuring no contact between the heating element and the water. - All heaters are multi-fused, insulated, waterproof according to IP 67, and bear the VDE-GS safety label. - Carbon HeatersĀ® have electromagnetic values that are about 100,000 times under the limit and can be completely switched off with digital IQ thermostats. - The waterbed heater consumes electricity during the heating phase to keep the water at the set temperature, but it switches off once the temperature is reached. - An average consumption of about 1.32 kWh per day is expected. - Waterbeds offer waveless and motion reducing technology, comfort layers like memory foam and latex, and heated water. - The original waterbed design was a rectangular wooden enclosure with a heavy platform and bulky headboard. - Waterbeds were invented by Charlie Hall in San Francisco in 1969. - Waterbeds now offer flotation-like sleep and a levitating sensation that eliminates pain and pressure. - Americans are embracing waterbeds again, considering them the best sleep surface for their well-being. - The article suggests that waterbeds are poised to become a cultural phenomenon once again.

Massage table heated: Discover the therapeutic benefits

- The article discusses a heated blanket for massage tables that offers a deeply relaxing treatment. - The blanket features inbuilt Thermo-Control technology for quick, precise, and even heating. - It has three temperature settings and an auto shut-off feature for safety and convenience. - The blanket is super soft, machine washable, and adjustable in size and temperature settings. - It heats up quickly to 27 degrees Celsius (80F) in just a few minutes. - It has adjustable straps to fit any size massage table, making it a versatile design. - The tables are selected from leading industry brands. - The tables are sturdily constructed with safety and well-being in mind. - They offer smooth electric operation and unobstructed access to clients. - They promote therapist maneuverability. - They can accommodate elderly patients and those with limited mobility. - They have higher weight capacity than portable tables for added support and stability. - Some models have power tilt-back adjustment options. - Therapists benefit from less physical stress and greater ergonomic support. - Electric massage tables can be operated with foot or hand control or a foot bar system. - Some models offer hands-free options. - Electric massage tables offer more positioning options and can improve client comfort. - Some considerations when choosing an electric massage table include whether it is stationary or wheeled, weight capacity, height range, width, upholstery, padding and foam thickness, style and storage options, ergonomics, lift-back or salon-top options, price, and additional accessories. - Electric massage tables are heavier than other massage tables and typically weigh between 200 and 300 lbs. with a load capacity averaging 350 lbs. up to 700 lbs. - The standard delivery is to the curb. - Electric massage tables are considered safer than traditional tables because of their sturdier and stable structure, thanks to a heavier metal base. - These tables do not wobble, providing clients with a sense of security. - Additionally, the ability to easily raise and lower the table makes it more comfortable for patients to transfer to and from the table or move during a massage.

Heated Hammock: Unwinding in Comfort with Innovative Technology

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