Heated Freestanding Tub: The Ultimate Relaxation Oasis

- Heated soaking tubs have a specialized pump installed - The pump regulates the flow of warm water through mini jets and a compact suction - The pump generates heat to maintain the bath's temperature - Considerations for getting a soaking tub include increased water heating bills - The need for a large bathroom to accommodate the tub's size - Additional maintenance for the pump is required - Heated tubs are popular for homes with better heat retention - Two common heated tub options are wooden soaking tubs and whirlpool bathtubs - Wooden soaking tubs are made from custom Cedar wood - Wooden soaking tubs provide very hot water that retains its temperature - Wooden soaking tubs offer a traditional way to enjoy a heated bath - Whirlpool tubs use a water pump to control water inflow and temperature - Whirlpool tubs allow for easy temperature adjustment - Whirlpool tubs can be harder to install and noisier - Jacuzzi is a popular brand of whirlpool tubs - The average cost for a heated tub starts at around $600 without installation - Small sizes range from $600-1200 - Medium sized heated tubs start at around $1500 and can go up to $7-8,000 - The largest size starts at around $8,000 and goes up to $15,000 - Installation can cost an additional $1,000-2,000 - Heated tubs are slightly more difficult to install compared to other bathtubs - Maintenance includes the possibility of a malfunctioning water pump, which can cost around $300 to replace - Heated tubs have health benefits including improving cardiovascular health, promoting better sleep, lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle pain and massaging joints, and reducing stress - Heated tubs are considered expensive but provide a great number of health benefits - A minimum of 12"x 18" direct access to the equipment is needed for servicing the pump/motor - This access can also be useful for production identification, resetting GFCI outlet, meeting code requirements, and more - Further information can be found on the relevant section sheet.