Discover the Advantages of Lenz Heated Socks: Keeping Feet Warm and Cozy All Winter

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Discover the Science Behind Volt Heated Socks: Ingenious Winter Wearables for Optimal Comfort

- The article describes a product called "3V-SK-S" which is a type of heated sock liner. - These sock liners are designed to keep feet warm and comfortable throughout the day on a single charge. - They are made with a moisture-wicking micro polyester material to keep feet dry. - The sock liners come with two small rechargeable lithium batteries (VB320RC) that weigh around 2 ounces each. - The batteries have a microprocessor controller with three power level settings. - On the highest setting, the socks provide over 3 hours of warmth to the bottom of the foot. - The socks also come with a battery strap and a hook and loop closure pocket to discreetly store the batteries. - Additionally, there is an optional battery (VB350) that can be purchased separately. - This battery provides 8 hours of heat on the highest setting and over 20+ hours on the lowest setting. - The sock liners can provide up to 10 hours of warmth. - The sock liners are made with a nylon cinch cord at the top for a secure fit during activity. - The product uses a Zero Layer® heat system that eliminates bulk and provides efficient heat transfer. - The article is about VOLT Lava Heated Indoor/Outdoor Rechargeable Boot Slippers. - They are priced at $199.95 and available in various sizes for both men and women. - The product is described as easy to put on, durable yet lightweight, and can be used as either boots or slippers.