Gobi Heated Gloves: Unleashing Innovation in Winter Wear

- Gobi Heat® - heated gloves - steel fiber technology - safety - durability - battery life - temperature settings - 140°F - arthritis - dexterity - hand control - cold weather - steel fiber material - cinch bungees - Velcro® strap - machine washable - one-year warranty - rechargeable - glove charger - replacement battery pack - warmth - customer testimonials

Discover the Benefits of 12V Heated Gloves: Stay Warm, Comfortable, and Protected

- 12v heated gloves are known for comfort and ease of use - They are made of drum dyed cowhide leather with a nylon cuff - Heating elements are placed on both sides of the hand and the entire length of each finger - The gloves connect to a 12v battery for instant warmth - They are suitable for use in both winter and summer - There are many types of heated gloves on the market with different materials, insulations, styles, and colors - Volt Heat is a brand that offers some of the best-heated gloves in the market - They have created specific gloves for different situations