Biddeford Heated Blanket Won’t Turn On? Troubleshoot and Fix

- Biddeford electric blankets provide extra warmth in bed during winter by heating up the surrounding blankets - When the Biddeford blanket stops working, the user may feel colder blankets and no pre-warmed sheets - Most problems with Biddeford electric blankets are caused by incorrect thermostat settings or power supply issues - Resolving these problems will allow the user to keep warm with the Biddeford blanket again - The overheating issue in a Biddeford heated blanket may be caused by excessive current flow - Replacing two resistors may not solve the underlying problem of a Biddeford heated blanket not turning on - Use an ohmmeter to measure resistance in the circuits of the blanket - Check for any significant differences in resistance readings - There may be a fault in the circuit board of the Biddeford heated blanket - Trace the paths from the resistors to other components to check for possible faults