Heated Centrifuge: Unlocking the Secrets of Productive Bees

- Most bees in the overworld are solitary bees and do not live in a hive. - Bees have specific flower requirements in the game. - Bees may remember a previous hive as their home, so they should be placed in a cage and released next to a new hive. - Breaking and replacing a hive can help if bees are not going into it. - Bees can be obtained through breeding or by finding nests in the world. - Honey Treats can be used to attract bees to nests. - Some bees can only be obtained by crafting their spawn egg. - Primastrine bees can be found by fishing in oceans. - Neon Cuckoo and Nomad bees spawn from other bees' nests and require flowers. - Skeletal and ZomBees spawn at night in empty advanced hives in the dark. - Vanilla bees can be found on oak or birch trees near flowers. - The chance to spawn a bee nest on trees is 5%. - A heated centrifuge can be used to obtain bee attributes as genes. - Bee genes can be combined with a honey treat to make spawn eggs. - Nocturnal and Metaturnal bees can be obtained by leashing other bees at specific times. - Leashing a bee outside during rain or storm may improve its weather tolerance. - Caution is advised when leashing bees in hostile environments. - There are no specific statistics or figures provided in the article.