Biddeford Heated Blanket Manual: Optimal Safety and Comfort

Instructions for Using a Biddeford Heated Blanket: - The digital style controller shows "4" or three bars when turned on for the first time. It will remember the last heat preference for subsequent use. - The analog style controller backlight the heat level setting on its dial. - If the display does not illuminate or shows an error, refer to the FAQ section. - If the product is Queen or King sized, both controllers need to be connected to heat both sides of the blanket. Each controller will only heat one side. - To adjust the heat level on a digital controller, press the UP arrow to increase the heat setting and the DOWN arrow to decrease it. The analog controller adjusts heat level by rotating the dial. - Multiple heat level settings are available, with "H" for HIGH. - If the product uses two controllers, each controller can be adjusted to a different setting, causing each side to heat differently. - To turn off the controller, press the ON/OFF button or switch. The digital controller will not display a number or bar when turned off, and the analog controller will not illuminate the heat level setting. - It is recommended to turn off and unplug the controller when not in use. - A red or green dot may indicate standby mode on specific digital controller models when turned off. - The pre-heat function starts pre-heating the bedding when the controller is turned on and the PRE-HEAT button is pressed. "p" will be displayed on the controller. The heat setting will revert to the last setting after 1.5 hours. The heat setting can be changed during the pre-heat period by pressing the Up or Down button.