Heated Outdoor Mats for Walkways: How to Ensure Safety and Comfort in Wintertime

- HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats are portable heated sidewalk mats that melt snow and ice to provide slip-free surfaces in the winter. - Installing a radiant snow melting system for sidewalks and walkways is relatively easy and can be done partially by the homeowner. - However, a qualified electrician must wire the system to keep the warranty valid. - The heating cable is laid out over the area to be heated, either on a concrete sidewalk or embedded in paver sand or mortar for paver walkways. - The cable should be properly spaced, with no overlapping or less than 3-inch spacing. - The cable should be secured to the remesh or rebar using zip ties. - Pre-sleeves should be installed for handrails to avoid drilling after the concrete pour. - Mesh-Up support chairs should be used to elevate the remesh and heat cable off the ground. - Care should be taken to avoid damaging the cable with shovels during concrete pouring.