Heated Hydraulic Press: Unveiling the Power of Extreme Pressures

- The Dulytek DHP7 V5 All-In-One Hydraulic Rosin Press has 7 tons of force and dual heating plates. - It features a two-channel temperature and timer controller. - The press has a reinforced sturdy frame and an upgraded removable bottle jack with overpressure protection. - The pressure and ram speed can be controlled by pumping the cranking handle. - The machine is DripTek Mount Stand compatible (sold separately). - The press comes with a starter kit including rosin collection tools, a non-stick silicone mat, parchment paper, a rosin storage jar, and magnets. - The frame can hold up to 12 tons of force. - The bottle jack has a leak-free design for easy maintenance and replacement. - It is available in 110V and 220V versions for different regions. - The 220V presses are not shipped to US and Canada addresses.