The Science and Safety of Heated Wax Pots

List of Pertinent Information about Heated Wax Pots: - The article provides tips on properly heating a wax pot for waxing. - It emphasizes the importance of achieving the right temperature for the wax to ensure optimal performance. - Wax warmers have an on/off button, a warming light, and a temperature gauge. - It advises turning the pot to the highest temperature for about 20 minutes, then adjusting it to about halfway and stirring the wax until fully melted. - Throughout the day, temperature adjustments may be necessary. - The wax should have a consistency similar to honey when ready to use. - The article briefly mentions a company that offers waxing appointments in Austin. - Beauty Image offers a variety of wax heaters, including European wax heaters, roll-on heaters/applicators, and combo warmers. - The European Wax Heater 1.1 Gallons can heat both soft and hard wax and is suitable for busy salons. - To use the warmers, plug the heater into an outlet, place the wax in the heater or pot, switch on the indicator, rotate the thermostat knob to the maximum temperature, and wait for the wax to reach the right consistency. - The Double Hard Wax Facial Warmer is a practical option for professional use. - This article provides instructions for using different wax heaters and applicators. - A roll-on heater applicator is mentioned, which is specifically designed for use with soft wax. - A double base is mentioned for the roll-on heater applicator, which can heat two roll-ons at once. - The article discusses different types of wax heaters by Beauty Image, including the Double Base and Combi-Wax Heater. - The Double Base is a practical device that can heat 8 roll-ons at once, with two rows of four roll-ons each. - The Combi-Wax Heater is a versatile device that can heat one soft wax can and three roll-ons independently or at the same time. - The article also mentions warning directions and maintenance tips for all wax heaters. - It is important to check that the power supply tension matches the device's requirements to avoid damage. - In case of malfunction, unplug the heater and return the knob and switch to their original positions. - The device should not be unplugged by pulling the cable and should not be handled with wet hands or wet/bare feet. - The device should remain unplugged when not in use. - The article provides information about a warranty for wax heaters provided by Beauty Image. - The warranty lasts for six months from the date of purchase and covers free replacement or repair of the device, excluding cases of mishandling, wrong power supply, or intervention by non-authorized technicians. - Readers can contact Beauty Image via phone or online form, subscribe to their newsletter for beauty tips, and follow them on social media platforms.