Sunbeam Heated Blanket Flashing Red: Understanding the Indicators

- The Sunbeam heated blanket has lights on its control pad that indicate different functions and issues. - The F2 light blinks when the blanket is not receiving electricity, possibly due to a power switch issue or improper connection. - The FF light also blinks when the light is not reaching the blanket, indicating a problem that may require resetting the device. - A red light blinking indicates issues with internal components and wires, which may lead to burning or overheating. - It is recommended to turn off the power and check for any unusual smells if a red light blinks. - The red light flashing on a Sunbeam heated blanket serves as an alert to indicate problems with the heating functionality. - When the red light flashes, it means that there are objects or substances on the blanket that are not suitable for heating. - The article suggests removing these objects to ensure proper heating. - A non-secure connection between the switch and the heating pad can also cause the red light to flash.