Heated Seat Button: Enhancing Comfort and Boosting Car Safety

- 19mm laser etched billet button available for purchase - High current 19mm 16A button also available - Stainless halo and black halo high current buttons may look different from the photos shown - Made to order laser etched billet buttons have an LED that can be wired to be active when the button is pushed in or when the headlights or ignition are on - All 19mm billet buttons have an IP65 water and dust resistant rating - Each button comes with a plug in harness for easy wiring - Suitable for many applications such as cars, marine, and motor homes - Different button types available: black backlit with nickel plated shell and LED back-lit etching, black halo finish with nickel plated shell and LED halo, stainless halo finish with stainless steel and LED halo - All button types have a 5amp rated SPDT switch - Different button push operations available: latching and momentary - Specifications not provided in the text - 22mm laser etched billet buttons - LED can be wired to be active when button is pushed or when headlights or ignition are on - IP67/IP65 water and dust resistant rating - Comes with plug-in harness for easy wiring - Rated at 5A, recommends running a relay for high draw accessories - Button case material options: black backlit (nickel plated shell, coated ABS plastic button), black halo finish (nickel plated, LED halo), stainless halo finish (stainless steel, LED halo) - Button push operation options: latching (push for on, push again for off), momentary (only active when finger is held on the button)

Discover the Benefits of DreamStation Heated Humidifier: Sleep Soundly and Comfortably

List: - DreamStation Heated Humidifier - Adaptive heating mode - Condensation prevention - Fixed heating mode - Dry box technology - Water damage prevention - One-way valve - Optional heated tubing - Sleep therapy comfort - CPAP-induced dryness relief - Compatible with DreamStation series CPAP or BiPAP machines - Available for order - Inquiries can be made by calling - No returns or refunds - Mention of Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea (briefly mentioned)

Introducing Tidewe Heated Seat: The Ultimate Outdoor Comfort

Tidewe Heated Seat: - Tidewe.com provides return policies for items purchased on their website. - Items can be returned within 30 days of purchase if they are unused. - Returns are not accepted for custom waders, dirty, damaged, or worn products, or undergarments that have been removed from their original packaging. - Original tags and packaging should be included with the returned item. - The return process will start within two business days once the information is received. - Refunds will be processed within one business day after receiving the return tracking number. - Customers should contact TideWe.com via email at [email protected] to initiate a return. - The return shipping address will be provided upon approval of the return request. - If the return is caused by the customer, they are responsible for the shipping fee. - If the return is due to damage or incorrect product received, the customer is not required to bear the shipping fee and no restocking fee will be charged. - If a purchase arrives with shipping damage, it should be refused. - In case of shipping damage after accepting delivery, customers should contact TideWe.com via email. - Warranty is provided for defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. - Repaired or replaced products are only warranted for the remaining unexpired portion of the warranty period. - The warranty does not cover damage from normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, alterations, repairs or modifications not performed by TideWe, improper fit or use, damage caused by chemicals or foreign substances, or personal injuries from snake bites or bites from other wildlife. - The warranty also does not apply if the products have been damaged by accident, misuse, neglect, act of God, fire or other hazard, improper shipping or handling, or tampering. - The business address of Beijing Paisifan Technology Co., LTD, the company behind TideWe.com, is located in Beijing.