Experience Cozy Luxury and Ultimate Relaxation: Sharper Image Heated Throw Unveiled!

List: - Sharper Image Heated Wearable Blanket - Priced at $95.99 with a code (original price $119.99) - Available in three colors: Navy, Gray, and Burgundy - Blanket with sleeves for hands-free use - Features a heating panel in the chest/abdomen area with three heat levels - 30-minute auto shutoff timer for safety - Machine washable and should be line dried - In stock and can usually be shipped on the same day - 20% promo code "SEASON20" for sitewide discounts and free shipping with rebate - Available in one size that fits most people - Weighted Heated Throw - Priced at $119.99 (discounted from original price of $149.99) - Expected to sell out in one day - Therapeutic wrap with weighted pressure and soothing heat features - Filled with 13 lbs. of evenly distributed glass beads for comforting and calming sensation - Promotes better sleep - Adjustable heat with detachable plug and heat controller (temperature range 90°F to 105°F) - Made with luxurious micromink velvet and sherpa fleece